Iron Kleen – Bore Treatment By AquaBiotics Industrial

Iron Kleen - Bore Treatment By AquaBiotics Industrial

IronKleen solid is an economical concentrate and 10 kg will make 100 Lt of full strength cleaning solution.

Over spray from iron rich bore water is the usual cause of iron staining. It ranges from light yellow to deep brown to almost black and is more noticeable on cream or light colored surfaces such as concrete and urban stone. IronKleen solid should be mixed with water the rate of 10% and applied with a brush. Carefully rinse the treated area with clean water as soon as the stain is dissolved.\

Product Description Product Code
10 Kg Tub (Makes 100 Litres) YABK10

For a more detailed description of the product, please see the provided MSDS, or visit the BoreSaver Website for additional information.

Click here to download BoreSaver Iron Kleen MSDS PDF

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