PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve

Our PVC Threaded End Valves are economically designed, and easily operated. With a specially designed body made from high quality molded UPVC, this PVC Valve minimizes the leakage and wear that can be caused my severe shock loads and misalignment of valves.

These valves are suitable for Agricultural, Turf, or Home Watering Systems.

For a more detailed description of the product, please see the provided datasheet.

Product Description Product Code
15mm (½”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS050
20mm (¾”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS075
25mm (1”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS100
32mm (1 ¼”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS125
40mm (1 ½”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS150
50mm (2”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS200
80mm (3”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS300
100mm (4”) PVC Slip End Ball Valve YBVS400
15mm (½”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV050
20mm (¾’) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV075
25mm (1”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV100
32mm (1 ¼”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV125
40mm (1 ½”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV150
50mm (2”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV2000
65mm (2 ½”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV250
80mm (3”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV300
100mm (4”) PVC Threaded End Ball Valve YBV400

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