Raindrop Stainless Steel Butterfly Sprinkler

Stainless Steel Butterfly Sprinkler

Our Raindrop Stainless Steel Butterfly Sprinkler are hand cast in heavy duty, stainless steel and fitted with a hard wearing Stainless Steel Pin to ensure longevity. These sprinklers are available with either a double or single spinner, with the choice of either stainless or poly spinners. These were specially designed with balance in mind to promote a low flight and to reduce  sticking, and are suitable for home watering systems, as well as agricultural use.

For details on replacement parts, click here to view our replacement spinners and screws. For a more detailed description of the product, please see the provided datasheet.

Product Description Product Code
15mm Single Stainless Spinner XMG650MS
15mm Double Stainless Spinner XMG650M
15mm Single Poly Spinner XMG650S
15mm Double Poly Spinner XMG650P
20mm Single Stainless Spinner XMG675MS
20mm Double Stainless Spinner XMG675M
20mm Single Poly Spinner XMG675S
20mm Double Poly Spinner XMG675P
15mm Single Poly Spinner – Pre Pack XMG650SP
15mm Double Poly Spinner – Pre Pack XMG650PP
15mm Single Stainless Spinner – Pre Pack XMG650MSP

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