Flush Cap Pump

These are state of the art in windmill pumps. They have been developed over years of manufacturing excperience. The top and bottom caps are flush with the outside diameter of the pump barrel, enaabeling the maximum size pumps the be used in the bore casting. They are made of a combination of top quality metals, with advanced technology and strict quality control.

Product Models Product Code
2"x8" Stroke YFC200X08
2"x12" Stroke YFC200X12
2-1/4"x08" Stroke YFC225X08
2-1/4"x12" Stroke YFC225X12
2-1/2"x08" Stroke YFC250X08
2-1/2"x12" Stroke YFC250X12
3"x08" Stroke YFC300X08
3"x12" Stroke YFC300X12
3"x18" Stroke YFC300X18
3-1/2"x08" Stroke YFC350X08
3-1/2"x12" Stroke YFC350X12
3-1/2"x18" Stroke YFC350X18

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