PVC Fitting – Reducing Couplings (Cat No. 8)

Product Description Product Code
20mm x 15mm YPVCR2015
25mm x 15mm YPVCR2515
25mm x 20mm YPVCR2520
32mm x 15mm YPVCR3215
32mm x 20mm YPVCR3220
32mm x 25mm YPVCR3235
40mm x 20mm YPVCR4020
40mm x 25mm YPVCR4025
40mm x 32mm YPVCR4032
50mm x 25mm YPVCR5025
50mm x 32mm YPVCR5032
50mm x 40mm YPVCR5040
80mm x 50mm YPVCR8050
100mm x 50mm YPVCR10050
100mm x 80mm YPVCR10080
150mm x 100mm YPVCR150100
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