Brass Ball Valve – Full Port

Brass Ball Valve - Full Port

A nickel-plated Full Port Brass Ball Valve suitable for agricultural, turf, or home watering systems. For a more detailed description of the product, please see the provided datasheet.

Product Description Code
¼” Reduced Bore YBVMF025
3/8” Reduced Bore YBVMF038
½” Full Port YBVMF050
¾” Full Port YBVMF075
1” Full Port YBVMF100
1 ¼” Full Port YBVMF125
1 ½” Full Port YBVMF150
2” Full Port YBVMF200
2 ½” Full Port YBVMF250
3” Full Port YBVMF300
4” Full Port YBVMF400

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